Superior Crystal

Superior Crystal is a natural quartz of Brazilian origin, it is extracted from our own quarries from a small deposit that makes this material extremely rare.

It is a very hard stone with high mechanical properties. It is a hive of white crystals, tending to transparency, and with brilliant elements that enhance the internal texture.


To describe the Superior Crystal natural quartz, it is necessary to use metaphors, since it presents characteristics far from the solid and hard world of minerals. In fact, looking at it closely, we can discover a seemingly white cloud enclosed in a stone.  A soft and frothy fabric that hovers inside a rock.


The Superior Crystal is a clear, bright and very elegant material, perfect for interior design and for creating unique furnishing elements.

It is suitable for polishing, sanding and flaming work. It can be laid on the floor as a pavement cover or worked for the realization of kitchen counter tops or bar counters, since it is easy to keep clean and has features that meet high hygienic and antibacterial standards.

Placed outside, it can enhance façades, entrances and walls of reception rooms.

It is a unique specimen that, if backlit with LED lights, reveals its soul, but at the same time the style of the location in which it is inserted.

The homogeneity of its colour gives the designer complete freedom of expression, since it is a luminous material expanding the range of furnishing.


Natural Quartz


Transparent white




Interior and exterior cladding. The material can be LED backlit.



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