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Choosing a rare and original material for cladding or flooring is not an easy choice. We at Galvani Trading can help marble workers and architects at every stage. Discover our method.

In this article we present how Galvani Trading helps stonemasons and architects choose the materials to be used for flooring, wall cladding or design work in unique architectural projects.

We are very keen to present our working method and approach to the raw material, as new articles and products are constantly appearing on the market that promise to reproduce the effect of marble, quartzite or the rarest precious materials. When, on the other hand, the natural stone we care for and present with passion is unique and unrepeatable. There will never be a copy of it. There will be no other project on the face of the earth equal to another.

We will accompany you on this journey of discovery that will show you the value of natural stone. At each stage of this journey you will discover how important and scrupulous the selection of authentic materials is, such as marble, granite, quartzite or semi-precious stone, to enhance an interior or the exterior architecture of a luxurious building.

Listening to the stonemason and architect

The first contact we have is with the stonemason or craftsman who acts as an intermediary for the architect, interior designer, restorer or renovator. This first meeting is essential for us to understand and meet the needs of each professional.

In order to understand the client's requests and wishes, we take the time to discuss them, to exchange questions and answers that sometimes need to be explored in more detail.

Usually, those who contact us are looking for a specific colour to match their furniture. But a colour is not just a colour. When you look for a colour among natural products, you have a huge colour palette at your disposal. Because the raw material extracted from the subsoil always has unique characteristics that differ from block to block.

Not to mention shades and reflections. There are varieties of marble, granite and natural quartz that have very rare aesthetic properties.

So this interview is not just about finding a material, but it is essential to understand the client's taste, how it fits in with the furniture, how it matches the light sources in the project, and what emotions it will instil in the inhabitants of the house and their guests.

Accompanying the choice

Thanks to the cognitive interview, we are able to precisely guide the operators in the sector to the choice of the type of stone to be used to complete the project.

Each type of material in our collection, whether marble, granite, quartzite or semi-precious stone, is provided with an in-depth data sheet indicating the physical and mechanical characteristics and the production capacity of the quarry. With this support, not only the technicians but also the less experienced can make an informed and decisive choice.

The project that is eventually completed will never be the same as another one. It is easy to become attached to certain specific materials, but the final result will always acquire its own identity when they are used again. There will be veins that present themselves differently, unique stains of different sizes, crystals that stand out for their shape and nature. Every single piece is a rare piece of nature that will acquire new life in a home, office, business or boutique hotel.

Detailed display of material texture

Our entire stone portfolio is composed of natural raw materials, extracted from the earth in a primitive form. So every single block, every single slab, every single tile will have something different from the others.

Nature cannot be controlled. This is why the composition of a rock varies even within the same quarry. This is the charm of authentic and natural material: it represents the expression and mutation of Mother Earth in the form of a design on stone.

So, depending on the intended use, we guide the choice of the material that best enhances its intrinsic characteristics in contact with the architectural universe.

To give a few examples: a kitchen countertop with a riser could be covered with a natural material that allows a three-dimensional visual continuum; for a luxury bathroom, depending on the size and the effect you want to achieve, it may be the colour that enhances the environment, rather than the texture; the large surfaces of a shop or the ventilated walls of a hotel will instead have a different type of exposure and will need a more animated material.

Mockup of the chosen material

It is essential for us to also present a realistic mock-up of the chosen material, as this will give the stonemason first, and then the architect, a preview of the texture, pattern and pattern applied to the project. We do not ask for the aesthetic performance of the material to be imagined, as there will be no way of doubting its quality. The model reproducing the final result shows the running of the veins on the surfaces, the dance of light on the finishes, the matching of the colour to the rest of the furniture.

Already at this preliminary stage, every professional called upon to make a choice observes and evaluates how the project will turn out in its entirety. In other words, how the final customer will see it when the work is completed. Whether it is the application of a single slab or the covering of a large floor, we provide for the project integrated in every part.

Block selection

At this point we have all the data and stylistic references that allow us to select the block corresponding to the characteristics that emerged in the previous stages. In some cases, we already have it available in our deposit. If not, we look for it directly on the territory where it is extracted. Some projects require physical supervision in the quarry in order to make an accurate selection, to look for vein continuity, open stain or the relevant presence of crystals.

We have African marbles which come from central and southern Africa. The semi-precious stones are Brazilian. Our quartzites and granites, on the other hand, are found in both Africa and America.

At this stage our eyes become the eyes of the stonemason who has chosen the material to be worked, as we search for the stone that best meets the description we have drawn up together.

Thanks to technology, with a video call each operator in the supply chain can be with us during the choice, and thus see a preview of the block before purchase. Or we can accompany those involved in the stone transformation process to the quarry (there have already been designers who have viewed these hidden stones by going on site with us).

Respect for the project

We have devised this path of knowledge and insight in order to respect the native projects of architects and professionals. In other words, to ensure that the wishes of the client and the work of each professional are rewarded and fulfilled.

We carry out a customised selection of raw materials, as the materials we handle are like precious stones, but large in size. We marvel every day at the sight of certain 'specimens' of rare stones. It is important to know them and to know the territory of origin. It is important to be able to confront those who work directly in the quarry to learn from the experience gained through years of extraction.

This approach of ours is a way of showing respect and gratitude to Mother Earth who has guarded them for so many years and who has given us the privilege of presenting them to you.

The consultancy that we at Galvani Trading offer our clients is not just know-how, it is not just relationships, it is a real passion, a vocation for natural stone.

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