Dark Shadows

The Dark Shadows black marble comes from Brazil. Its name perfectly describes its appearance. What makes it unique and precious, compared to other black materials, is the presence of a large white/pearlescent mineral embedded within it.


Dark Shadows black marble features a predominantly black surface, interspersed with white bands that resemble the shape of sand carried by the wind. Thanks to this effect, the material appears to move, and the contrast between the two colors creates a very evocative two-dimensional effect.
Other elements that amaze and surprise are the crystals and white minerals that shine and give luster to the material.


The Brazilian Dark Shadows marble is unique in its kind. Each slab has exclusive characteristics, as the presence of pearly white elements takes on different shapes on every surface. This particularity makes it an ideal material for projects that involve cladding large surfaces, as it allows the entirety of its composition and originality to be appreciated.
It is an authentic expression of marble, where luster and brilliance coexist perfectly even on a very dark surface. It is particularly suitable for furnishing and cladding interior spaces, and obviously, the polished finish allows the minerals within it to be enhanced.






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Architecture and interior design


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