3 differences between granite, marble, quartz and crystal blocks.

Natural materials are distinguished mainly by 3 characteristics: natural qualities, quantity available in nature and use in architecture.

What are the differences between a block of granite, a block of marble, a block of quartz and a block of crystal?
How do you choose the ideal raw material for your client's project?


A guide to choosing granite, marble, quartz and crystal blocks.

3 are the distinctive features that will help you choose the right material for your needs:

  • Natural characteristics of the extracted material.
  • Quantity available underground, as it is a 100% natural material.
  • Ideal use in architecture and interior design.

Properties of granite blocks

Natural qualities

Granite is of volcanic origin, i.e. it was formed, and still is, by the metamorphic process of magma which, not finding a fracture in the earth's crust to rise to the surface, slowly cools underground. This is a geological phenomenon that occurs at the centre of the Earth, whereby the hot liquid material is transformed into a natural rock that can be used in our daily lives and in our cities.

Available quantity

Granite is the most common material found in nature and the most amazing thing is that it can be found in so many colours and shapes. It is its holo-crystalline grain structure that makes each specimen unique, and this is due to the geographical position of the material, the antiquity of the territory that received it, the presence of water sources, its chemical composition, minerals or other natural components of the subsoil.

Use of granite in architecture

Granite is a very versatile natural stone: for the available and homogeneous colours, for its ease of processing, for its ability to adapt to different atmospheric conditions.
It is also a material that adapts to many types of processing: polishing, brushing, bush hammering, flaming, etc. to obtain original finished works, both for interior and exterior use.

When to choose granite blocks?

  • When your project involves the cladding of large volumes, such as squares and skyscrapers.
    The available quantity of this material is high and its colour is always homogeneous, even in large quantities.
  • If your project involves covering large outdoor areas.
    High or low temperatures, high or low rainfall of various kinds will not cause any changes to the material or colour.
  • If your project involves several stages of construction.
    It is a material that is more easily found on the market than others, it is a 'commercial' material, i.e. more widely available everywhere.

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Properties of marble blocks


Natural qualities

Marble is a sedimentary rock, i.e. it was formed during a long metamorphic process by the deposition and accumulation of organic and inorganic materials. Its luminous structure is the result of a process of recrystallisation of calcium carbonate that has given shape to a set of calcite and dolomite crystals, present in different quantities depending on the area of extraction.

Quantity available

Marble is a naturally occurring material in large quantities, but at the same time it is highly sought after because each type of marble has unique qualities. In fact, depending on where it is quarried, the stone tells a story, colours, shades and aesthetic forms that are different, unique and special.

Use of marble in architecture

Marble is a lighter and brighter natural stone, as it contains brilliant light-transmitting elements. As a colourful yet nuanced material, it is suitable for creating movement and eclectic environments, both indoors and outdoors.
Its surface can accommodate different finishes, from polished to bush-hammered, polished to flamed.

When to choose marble blocks?

  • When you have an interior design project to carry out.
    Marble communicates elegance, refinement and originality.
  • If you are looking for a material that is valuable but at the same time easy to live with.
    The use of marble in the home is favoured because it is an easy material to clean and easy to maintain in its unique beauty.
  • You want inimitable, bright rooms with character.
    Marble design projects dialogue with the surrounding décor. The textures and patterns that the surface enhances fit into the rooms to create contrasts and movement.

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Properties of quartzite blocks


Natural qualities

Quartzite is a metamorphic material created by tectonic movements in the earth's mantle. It originates from sandstone subjected to high temperatures and pressure, and is composed mainly of quartz. Unlike marble and granite, it appears on soft, neutral backgrounds emphasised by linear, homogeneous textures.

Quantity available

In nature, quartz is the second most abundant mineral in the earth's crust. Because of its conformation, it is a highly prized and sought-after material among interior designers. However, depending on where it is extracted, each available block can bring out a different natural colour, unique veining and inimitable textures.
It is a very solid material, difficult to damage and very stable over time.

Use of quartzite in architecture

Quartzite is a natural stone suitable for the design of high-quality living spaces. In fact, its physical-mechanical characteristics make it an ideal material for cladding, flooring, kitchen tops, bathroom tops, stairs and the creation of furnishing accessories. It is a guarantee of resistance to time, wear and tear and fashions, as it is easy to combine with other materials and colours.

When to choose quartzite blocks?

  • If your project includes design furniture.
    A quartzite creation will always remain intact and beautiful over time.
  • If your interior design project must communicate balance, elegance and peace of mind.
    The colours that distinguish quartzite are usually neutral and balanced.
  • When your client is looking for a high-quality material for large areas.
    It is the second most common material on earth, but it comes in different colours and shapes. It is important to rely on specialised suppliers for integrated solutions.

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Characteristics of semi-precious blocks


Natural qualities

Semi-precious materials are unique natural quartz, small deposits hidden underground where quartz and precious gems have merged to create a new material. It is impossible to generalise about their origin, as they develop in the presence of certain natural factors that only certain areas transmit. Each quartz is unique and contains inimitable characters given by its context, climate and environment.

Quantity available

Natural quartz for use in architecture is very rare in nature. Our semi-precious stones, for example, are extracted from small quarries discovered by scholars of the earth and its history. These are also fortunate encounters, where even mankind could not imagine finding such beauty and exclusivity. These materials are available in small quantities, so only a lucky few will be able to enjoy them.

Use of natural quartz in architecture

It is suitable for furniture design, interior decoration and the creation of unique works. It is used where a single colour or neutral, basic colours are required and where the surroundings are minimal and essential. Because of its extreme beauty and particularity, it is a material that can be backlit in order to exploit light and its effects.

When to choose crystal blocks?

  • If you have to realise a unique project.
    Precisely because of its limited availability, there will be no other similar realisations on the face of the earth.
  • If exclusivity, elegance and refinement are required in the project.
    It is the ideal material to create special optical effects or to play with transparencies.
  • If you don't have large surfaces to cover.
    It is a rare natural material that only a few can afford.

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