Grey Bayou is a natural black quartzite, unique in its kind. The quarry from which it is extracted is our property. It is a stone that, thanks to the alternating light and dark tears, tells the story of the land in which it was formed: Brazil. The fifth country in the world rich in quartzite, with this dark stone, perfectly describes how its subsoil is composed.


The predominant color of Grey Bayou quartzite is intense black, but the white cuts that pierce the surface give a glimpse of brown, reddish and gray veins that show the layering of the material that has settled over the centuries. This violent alternation of light and dark colors creates a three-dimensional illusion with a strong visual impact.


Grey Bayou quartz is a very original and suitable material to be applied as a piece of furniture and for interior design, as it meets high hygienic and antibacterial standards.
Its beauty and exclusivity is enhanced if it is planned to backlight it.
There are two effects that can be obtained using lighting design. You discover colors and natural traces that otherwise would not be seen; then you get a three-dimensional effect given by the strong contrast between the black foreground and the glass second that allows the passage of light.

It is a material that surprises and amazes. Its application is recommended in rooms that welcome excellent guests, such as exclusive clubs, luxury hotels and elegant suites.
It is also suitable for enriching the reception counters of business events, the interior of the elevators, or the salons of large shopping centers.
It is a solution that responds to the eclectic character of creative designers and lovers of contrasting tones.


Natural quartz




Our own quarries in Brasil


Interior and exterior cladding. Element of furniture that can be LED backlit.


Blocks, slabs

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