The 5 reasons why natural stone remains the first choice among the most sought-after solutions for construction and cladding.

At Marmomac 2021 we breathed an air of novelty and optimism, and today, at the dawn of the new year, we are already reaping the results. With this article we want to share with all interior designers, interior decorators and builders, the signals received by the sector and that we will see expressed in the new year.

      1. Natural stone is an authentic, unique and inimitable material.

        The material of which natural stone is composed is the sum of the 4 natural elements: fire, air, water and earth which, in contact with the typical minerals of each territory, tectonic movements and the passing of time, have given rise to unique and inimitable rocks.
        The most fascinating aspect of these materials is that we can shape them, apply them and use them starting from an element that has been given to us by the earth. There is no external agent influencing their composition. There are no fashions, trends or designers who decide what color a particular material should have. There is no scientific laboratory that studies the composition, shades and appearance to be given to the slabs and then to the finished product in the home.
        People choose natural stone to give space to a piece of nature in their living or working environments.
        Designers prefer natural stone as a furnishing element to give voice to Mother Earth who, through years of patient waiting, settling of the land and influences of higher or lower temperatures, has given life to unique specimens of rock. Expressions of the earth in the form of lines, spots, shades, unique color combinations.
        Architects study construction solutions with natural stone to bring, inside the buildings, a living and healthy natural environment.
      2. Natural stone takes any shape thanks to modern technology.

        Human beings have known this material since time immemorial. In the beginning it was used for survival, then as an artistic expression. Natural stone has marked our history and still tells the story of our origins. Thanks to this direct and continuous experience with the authentic material, man has created cutting-edge technologies that today allow us to transform the hardest and most resistant rock into any form.
        The most striking aspect of this sector is that, despite the fact that the material is ancient, the technologies are renewed throughout the entire supply chain: from extraction to processing, from laying to application. It should also be emphasized, especially in this historical period, how innovation takes place with a view to sustainability and respect for the environment and its human, animal and plant inhabitants.
        Sculptors, designers and artists give natural stone fluid forms, soft shapes, forms that move continuously.
        Marble workers, craftsmen and engineers create reflective, brilliant and three-dimensional effects on the surfaces that accompany users on a journey of profound knowledge of the material.
        Furnishers, architects, interior designers then work to amaze the client with collisions of different materials and combinations of eclectic styles.
      3. Natural stone is an expression of art and conceptual design.

        Art, especially contemporary art, has abandoned the simple imitation of nature and has sought new forms of expression in natural stone. Art, design and technology today show the potential of the raw material, enhancing its authenticity with integrated projects in which ancient and modern, history and modernity, beauty of the material and beauty of the form meet.
        Thanks to continuous experimentation and human creativity, these new products make it possible to experience multi-sensory sensations. A transversal reading between nature and human experience; a mix of graphic elements, colors and decorations that enhance stone and its functions.
        Artists and designers choose the raw material donated by the earth because it is a timeless material. In their thoughts, on their notepads and finally in their hands, it acquires new forms and is enriched with meanings, so even everyday objects are charged with values expressed by a new language.
      4. Natural stone gives well-being to the person.

        Marble, granite, quartzites and natural quartz are resistant and robust rocks that, in their habitat, strike us with their majesty and the grandeur of the areas in which they are found. When man brings them to light and transforms them, we are surprised by the colors, shapes, and authenticity of the textures. Thus, thanks to human ingenuity and creativity, everyday utensils, flooring and surfaces take on new life and transport people into a state of regenerative well-being.

        Natural stones often come from uncontaminated environments, isolated from the hectic world, earthly paradises of sublime beauty. Their origins are steeped in stories, are rich in content, are precious treasure chests of natural values. An element extracted from the earth is not simply matter, but the sum of many factors that make one feel good, generate beauty, emotions, vibrations to the body and mind of man and woman.

        We, at Galvani Trading and in our group, have the task of transferring these important blocks loaded with history into homes, kitchens, offices, hotels and villas in the form of floor and wall coverings in which natural stone has a revitalizing function.

      5. Natural stone is sustainable and respectful of people and the planet.

        The achievement of environmental sustainability starts with the choice of construction materials. Marble, granite, quartzite and natural quartz are materials of the earth that man shapes and transforms. Thanks to the most advanced instrumentation and machinery, craftsmen and marble workers work the raw material pursuing very low levels of environmental impact.
        Natural stones are simple materials, a whole of elements that have come together spontaneously. They are not pre-assembled, they are not artificially joined, they are not chosen in the laboratory and this allows not to accumulate high energy consumption that would otherwise risk endangering the health of the earth and man.

Whoever chooses to adopt natural stone chooses sustainability, respects the environment, the planet and the future of new generations.
Whoever chooses to apply natural stone in construction, chooses an authentic material that can take various aesthetic forms, but does not change in substance.
Those who choose to use natural stone in architecture, know that they will be able to achieve any work because they are versatile materials that satisfy people's aesthetic and functional desires.

To conclude, we at Galvani Trading, together with our group, discover unexplored lands, we bring new materials to the sector, we show them and make them known to those who work in architecture and to the marble workers who work them.

Do you want to know all the new natural stones we discover?

Then we wait for you in our warehouse in Volargne to experience them directly.

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