Black Antique

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Name: Black Antique
Material: Granite
Colour: Black
Origin: Angola
Application: Exterior and interior flooring, wall covering, kitchen tops and bathroom and burial plot
Availability: Blocks, Slabs

Black Antique granite is an African material. It is extracted in Angola, in an area where the high concentrations of soil, wood and coal sediments favoured the formation of its color. It is black on black, both in the background and in the pieces of material it consists of.


Black Antique granite is an extremely compact material in regards with colour. It is made up of a medium grain that shows a timid silver reflection between the traces of irregular pieces that are visible on the surface of finished blocks, slabs and limestones.
It is a dark and homogeneous stone in tone, ideal for any use and matching.


It is an easy-to-apply material both in indoor and outdoor environments. The uniformity of its color allows the creation of rooms and places to insert strong contrasts, between natural stone and furnishing elements. At the same time, it ensures a continuity of style, whether classical, modern, industrial or baroque.
Black Antique covers are suggested in residential and commercial environments, for kitchen tops or bathroom coating, as well as for object design and production of design items.
It is also a privileged material for funeral art due to its colour and ease of processing.



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