Monumental Black: black granite with a homogeneous texture.

The minimalist style in interior design is a trend that will find more and more consensus among clients and designers. Those who choose to embrace the "Less is more" philosophy in their life choose to detach themselves from the excess of things, from the frenzy of working life, from a life exaggeratedly exposed to everyone to connect to the most emotional and personal part.

Choosing to focus on the essential is a real lifestyle that influences the furniture, clothing, everyday objects and consequently the buying habits. This is a demanding but sustainable demand for our planet, because it is characterized by responsible choices that give peace to the spirit.


We do our part by proposing an exclusive range of natural stone materials. Granite, in this case, is a material that enters people's homes and does not harm their health, since it is not treated, as it is composed only of natural elements.

The house becomes a more liveable habitat for man when it welcomes natural stone in its rooms: on the kitchen top, on the bathroom walls, on the floors, on the stairs, in the living room as a furnishing element. To respond to the minimalist style we present a black African granite with a very homogeneous color, even if far from the most sought after absolute black.

The future of minimalist style at home.

We are convinced that minimal style furniture will be increasingly sought after and experienced especially after the events that have changed the habits of work and daily life of all of us. As we have seen in this article, the attention to the organization of private spaces will be one of the demands of the future and to achieve a level of living comfort it is necessary to remove the superfluous to leave freedom of expression to those who live in the house.

Here, in our opinion, the characteristics of the minimal style of the future.

  • Few selected colors.
  • Functional furniture.
  • Research of natural materials coordinated with the whole.
  • Strictly necessary objects that tell the character of the inhabitants of the house.

Black Angola granite in minimalist decor.

This black granite, also known as Monumental Black, is the material in our range that best expresses the minimalist style in furniture.

Granite with a uniform color, in every block and in every single slab.

Granite with an essential color, without frills.

Granite with a clean, pure color, without traces, stains or splashes.

Granite with a full, strong, expressive, firm color.

A material that leaves its mark and makes inanimate objects dialogue with the soul of the man who surely shakes and moves in the presence of strong and expressive contrasts.

How to furnish in minimalist style with Angola Black granite.

From the point of view in which we are presenting this material, it becomes itself a functional element of furniture, because thanks to an accurate study of colors, lights and contrasts, it supports the communication of an environment and a room.

We are inspired by the quote of the architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, according to which the best result is obtained starting from the concept of essentiality and we list 10 minimalist furnishing ideas with Nero Angola granite.

  1. Wide design possibilities

    The design solutions that you can achieve with Monumental Black granite are many. It is a polyhedral material, because it has a very thin granulometry that makes it resistant and does not require resin treatments. It is known for its high opposition to the absorption of liquids, so it is suitable for the realization of kitchen tops. Thanks to its homogeneous color it is recommended to cover large horizontal and vertical surfaces. It is suitable for flooring, for the realization of steps or for covering the walls of rooms and halls. It is a material suitable for creating special design work to customize sinuous objects or geometric decorations of sculptures, tables and chairs for the garden.

  2. Free combinations

    The uniform color of Monumental Black granite allows us to combine both neutral colors, typical of the minimal style, and stronger colors to give a touch of personality, while respecting the character coordinated with the rest of the environment. On a black floor there can be a neutral carpet that welcomes the sofa in the same color, but on which colored cushions are placed. The effect can destabilize but at the same time activate concentration and improve exposure of the room.

  3. Austere luxury

    Furnishing in minimalist style is complex. Achieving simplicity and at the same time the functionality of spaces while respecting the cleanliness of shapes, lines and furniture is not an immediate process. Sometimes custom furnishings are required to minimize the volumes of the kitchen or living room. But the result is possible if metals, glass and reflective surfaces are combined with Monumental Black. If a lot of light enters from the kitchen area, a black granite worktop will also reflect and illuminate the room.

  4. Few prints, photographs and paintings

    Monumental Black granite has a neutral solid color that accepts the proximity of particular paintings, photographic prints or wallpapers. However, it is always better to include them in an "exhibition" project studied ad hoc. The wall must look like an ordered grid of memories framed in a geometric way. If the Monumental Black is placed on the surface of a nearby piece of furniture or is the flooring present in the room, it is better to prefer black, golden or laminated frames. If you have used wallpaper instead, it is better to choose geometric patterns or homogeneous textures so as not to lose sight of the minimalist style.

  5. Essential objects

    It is not this black granite that calls the cleanliness of the furniture but the rules of minimalist style. It is essential to focus on a few essential elements of furniture, but if you add complements with clean lines, functional details and precise design, they can enhance the design of the rooms creating clear harmonious distinctions. Monumental Black is a very hard granite that can be worked to create symbolic object holders, vases and centerpieces that in contrast to the rest of the furniture enrich the rooms in a simple way.

  6. One room at a time. One color at a time.

    According to the personality of the inhabitants of the house, each room must be designed as an end in itself. The hurry makes adding, instead the concentration on the single project helps to remove and eliminate the superfluous. What you have to see is cleanliness of form, balance and harmony between the predominant color, the arrangement of furniture, lights and furnishings. White is the first color you think of when planning a minimal style space. But in a clear bedroom, the headboard of the bed in Monumental Black granite with lights on the perimeter is enough to create a singular contrast of style.

  7. Keywords: make order

    What you should see in a house or a room furnished in minimalist style is order. The aim is to create a large space in which to move freely without hindrance. Monumental Black helps to pursue this goal because its aesthetics recall an orderly environment. In the bathroom, on the spiral staircase or as the backdrop of the bookcase it is a firm material. It creates contrast between the elements but does not create confusion.

  8. Alternating natural and artificial light

    The correct lighting enhances the width of the spaces designed in a minimalist style, especially when using a dark color like Monumental Black. To make even a black granite bright, just do the glossy work on the material, so the glossy surface reflects both external and internal light sources. You can also use polished metals in the furniture to create multiple light points that together illuminate the room. Or, choose to furnish in total white style, using black just to make the details jump out at you, such as the steps of a suspended staircase, the cladding of a fireplace, the wall that houses the TV or a niche that stores wine bottles.

  9. The choice of materials

    The peculiarity of this black granite is the natural homogeneity of its color. Uniqueness that ensures this material can also be combined with fabrics, curtains, carpets and plants depending on the room of destination. It seems a severe material, but in reality it is very democratic. It leaves freedom of expression and broad views.

  10. Creation of space

    The minimal style, focusing on functionality and essentiality, creates the void around the furniture. A void that means order, lightness, clarity. With Monumental Black you can create alternating full/empty, black/white that are the basis of minimalism and that transmit to the soul pleasant sensations of balance.

What matters in home decorating is feeling good and being able to express your essence. The few ideas that we have reported in this article can be expanded and applied to other styles, such as industrial or contemporary where it is easier to find black as a distinctive sign.

For this reason our offices remain available for specific advice. We will share our knowledge to make you achieve the best result.

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