Gold Araras or Ash Gold

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Name: Gold Araras or Ash Gold
Material: Granite
Colour: Yellow and Blue
Origin: Brasil
Application: Flooring, wall coverings, kitchen tops and bathrooms
Availability: Blocks, Slabs

The Gold Araras granite is a material from South America. Its natural characteristic re recognizable from the moment of its extraction in the north of Brazil. The quarries from which these large blocks come out mirror the intense yellow colour of the material.


The Gold Araras takes its name from its intense and brilliant yellow colour emerging from each slab. In the market, it can be found with different denominations, such as Ash Gold, Arara Gold or Araras Gold. Whichever name is given to it, the emphasis on its golden color is always present because of its dominance in the background.
You can find it with grey and blue streaks or stains always on a very hot and precious tinted texture.


Gold Araras granite is a material suitable for both interior and exterior finishes, although it is primarily applied in interior design due to the rarity of its color.
The warm hue and the flow of contrasting colours along the plate make it an exotic material that matches all modern homes giving light and a quiet atmosphere.

It is a stone designated for walls and floors, especially if you want to embellish the room. The open scrub also gives the environment an elegant expression of richness and sophistication, both in spacious living rooms and in small bathrooms.

It is a granite easy to work to produce kitchen tops, bath tops, stairs or fireplaces. The best results are obtained with glossy workmanship, as this accentuates all its peculiarity and beauty.



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