Why choose natural stone in architecture.

Perché scegliere la pietra naturale nell’architettura.

3 reasons why natural stone should be preferred over substitute materials for interior and exterior architecture.

In our payoff we have written: "Natural stone for passion", because it is natural stone that guides our choices. A unique material that enriches our lives with beauty, the concept of exclusivity, of a job well done.

Our product catalogue groups natural stone by type, i.e. granite, marble and quartzite, plus the semi-precious stones section, which has its own characteristics that cannot be classified in a single category. In addition to the fact that we often deal with rare materials, whose deposits are limited.

We have focused on these materials because we are no longer satisfied with standard, mass-produced products or those decided by a marketing department following trends. We want to give a voice to nature and value originality.

But let's start at the beginning: what is natural stone?

What is natural stone?

It is a building material that has always been used to create timeless architecture. The Pyramids and the Colosseum are just two examples of the mark that natural stone leaves on mankind now and in the future.

It is a rock with outstanding characteristics of strength, compactness and durability, as well as great fascination. In our product catalogue, there are some very rare examples that can only be found when certain, sometimes completely random, factors are present.

It is fireproof, hygienic, non-toxic and biocompatible as it is extracted from the earth and can be returned to the earth. It is extracted in a raw form, the human being transforms it and makes it, in form and aesthetics, suitable and functional for his life.

3 reasons to choose natural stone over manufactured compounds

Eternal building stone

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Our granites, our marbles, our quartzites and our semi-precious stones do not last, they do not lose their characteristics, they do not wear out, and they do not fall into disuse, because they are resistant to time and fashion.

Natural stone is eternal because of its mechanical characteristics of resistance, but at the same time its external appearance, its intrinsic beauty, its natural original character are eternal. It is eternal because of its collaboration with the architectural environment in which man and woman live and work.

Natural stone is eternal because it is biocompatible: it comes to light from the subsoil, it can be reused for different processes, and it can return to the earth once its life cycle is over (a life cycle that does not necessarily end, given the examples of urban and architectural engineering still present in our cities).

Natural stone lives beyond fashion. It marks cultures and makes the history of an epoch, but carries into the future the values and traditions of the people, the cities, the current events. Natural stone is the archetypal material that indicates and represents the world of architecture.

Versatile, everyday stone

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Despite its hardness, natural stone can be transformed into any shape and acquire any desired appearance. It adapts to the taste and skills of the artist, craftsman and stonemason. It can become a work of art, an original artefact or a mass-produced product with its own characteristics.

It can have different finishes depending on the project. There are stones that are more suitable for polishing, others that bring out their characteristics better with a satin finish. Those looking for the 'stone effect' on industrial artificial compounds are buying a mere imitation.

Designing houses, buildings, residential or commercial buildings with natural stone means giving priority to the quality of materials, eco-sustainability and the aesthetics of shapes and colours. It means having a sensitivity for the surrounding landscape, the architecture nearby, the natural world and its inhabitants.

It is #stoneisbetter because it is resistant to fire and temperature changes. It is hygienic because it is easy to clean and does not need chemical treatment to remain intact. It is non-toxic because it contains no harmful substances. Natural stone is the material that creates living, practical and functional architecture.

Genuine natural stone

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Natural stone is a material that reflects the charm and soul of nature. It is the most important and precious gift that Mother Nature has reserved for the inhabitants of the earth. She has used a universal language to give a material from the subsoil, a stone for the embellishment of works above the earth's surface.

It is authentic because you will never find the exact same texture in another project. Your project will be unique on the face of the earth. With natural stone you can make mass-produced, standard items with the same shape, but they will never be aesthetically the same.

It is authentic because the quarryman, when he extracts the material from the subsoil, brings to light a unique material, by its very nature already ready to acquire the form suited to the context of use for which it is intended: paving, cladding, furnishing element or work of art.

It is a pure stone that openly dialogues with human beings in a constant exchange of meanings and stories. The heart of the earth beats in authentic natural stone. It is the concrete expression that links the subsoil with the built spaces we inhabit. Natural stone is the material that integrates with the surrounding area in which a building grows.

PNA - Pietra Naturale Autentica, the network of companies of which we are part, interviewed Archistar Stefano Boeri on this very subject. In this video that we invite you to watch, architect and urban planner Stefano Boeri celebrates the virtues of authentic natural stone.

Contact us for a personal consultation. We have the authentic natural stone to meet your needs and requirements.

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