Iron Black

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Name: Iron Black
Material: Granite
Colour: Black
Origin: Brasil
Application: Flooring, wall coverings, kitchen tops and bathrooms
Availability: Blocks, Slabs

Granite Iron Black is extracted in South America, precisely in Brazil. This is a very fine and compact black stone, and therefore suitable for any long term project, without risking wear and tear (the name is an assurance).


The background texture of the Black Iron is black and has inside small white and golden quartz filaments, creating subtle nuances that evoke a starry sky.
It is a very hard granite applied to projects that require durability and resistance but at the same time elegance and class.


Iron Black is a granite that can be used on different occasions, because it is easy to process and has a high aesthetic presentation in both modern and classic environments.
It can be polished, honed, bush-hammered, sandblasted or flamed, both for interior and exterior furnishings. In fact, any finishing, smooth or rough, which is performed in this granite, reveals the beauty and the brightness of the brilliant bands inside it.
It is a granite suitable for floors and for the decoration of bathrooms or lounges. It is also ideal for kitchen tops and bath tops, staircases and wall lining. It is suitable for giving elegance and sophistication everywhere, even to offices and hotel halls.



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