Home furnishing trend 2021: our tips for interior designers

What will be the interior design trends next year? Ideas for the home and design to come. Read the article to find out how to meet future demands with our natural materials.

In the last quarter of each year, we make budgets, plan activities and budget investments for the new year. But the architects, interior designers and large companies in the sector, also style the trends that will be welcomed and requested by those who will renew the style of the house or will take care of creating a new living environment.

We at Galvani Trading will collaborate in building this change. We would like to help operators in the sector to structure sophisticated environments that satisfy people's desires. Living in this complex economic and social context, we all need reassurance. We all hope to return to an air as light, convivial and peaceful as possible. And at home, within the home, we will have the opportunity to strengthen the connection with nature, with the family and with our body.

Before explaining the trends that will accompany us in the new year, we anticipate that all our materials will be able to enter the new contemporary homes, but two, in particular, will respond more than anyone else to the taste of the period: Cohiba Brown granite and Jatoba Brown quartzite (we will tell you about the latter in the next article).

Trends 2021 in interior design

The trends that we have intercepted while listening to the network and designers are linked by a lowest common denominator: more space for men and women and their psychophysical well-being. The abundance will be contained by more responsible choices that will make the planet feel good too.

Strengthening of Coliving.

We had already predicted too: the spaces of the house will have to be redesigned to make daily life, work, passions and dreams live together.

The rooms, therefore, will acquire a multifunctional shape. The living area and the kitchen, for example, will dialogue together. More open space will serve to breathe better. And to avoid the accumulation of things, we will focus on minimalist furniture, composed of essential elements that will perform certain functions.

Return to the Midcentury style.

We will customize the style that marked the post-war reconstruction (from 1945 to about 1965). A touch of glamour will be given to the vintage idea that we have of those years. There will be a return of wooden furniture, raised from the ground and resting on large white walls.

The wooden furniture will be combined with other materials, natural or recycled that will blend together to create a refined and stylish environment.

A new neutral color: gray.

The color choices will be directed towards a color that will connect the modern space with the refined wooden furniture: gray. It can be combined with both colors with a strong contrast and textures that recall the elements of nature. In any case, the warm patterns will be privileged to make the rooms cozy, like hugs that warm the soul.

Environmental sustainability.

People will bring home furnishings, objects and real pieces of nature. Because beauty will be increasingly sought after in the native environment, both to be able to recycle and reuse the same material for other purposes, and because it is easier to combine the simplest elements with other composite materials.

The house in 2021

Cohiba Brown1

These 4 trends applied to the house of 2021 translate, in our opinion, in 4 concrete and consistent design choices with respect to the situation we are living.

Design of open space.

In the house, the living room and the kitchen will be in a single very open and multifunctional space. The home co-working will be regulated by alternating work appointments, private family life and sharing passions.

In the living area there will be very airy walls that will accommodate large pieces of minimal furniture, because the heart of the house 2021 will be a bright open space, furnished in a harmonious and functional way.

The kitchen of 2021 will be characterized by the central equipped and technological island. For the kitchen top, the sides of the island and the riser, Cohiba Brown granite is a material that will respond perfectly to the trends of the new year to come because it is a natural, durable, ecological and in line with the neutral colors of the earth.

Luxurious style, elegant and vintage at the same time.

Minimalist thinking will guide the choices related to furniture: large spaces will be left between the furniture, we will try to keep the airy atmosphere in all rooms and we will leave more expressive freedom to fabrics, wallpaper and carpet textures.

The clean and refined lines of the 50s will be back in vogue for their essentiality and simplicity, then you will recover furniture, carpets, chairs of other times, which will be given a modern character.

Preferring the "less is more" philosophy, the light source coming from outside will find fewer obstacles and will fill the room with vitality. And by adding a material like Cohiba Brown you can even increase the brightness of a house, because the natural elements "embedded" in the granite will create silver reflections that will shine with their own light.

Grey as the predominant color.

Total white and total black will be surpassed by gray: a neutral color that can be easily combined with a series of warm shades reminiscent of past years. At the same time, however, it is a color that comes very close to the greens and blues of the earth's pristine environments.

The color that will prevail in the homes of the future is present in our Cohiba Brown granite. Its dark geometric shades of dark tones create a sort of "I can't see" very evocative easily matched with the abstract, geometric and colorful designs of the retro decorations, which next year we will recover from barns or vintage market stalls.

Natural pieces with low impact.

In the near future we will be more and more predisposed to make responsible choices to recover the distance that separates the urban environments in which we live, from the natural ones in which we want to immerse ourselves to recover energy.

In the houses of 2021 there will be more and more stone, wood, plants, all living elements that breathe and help us to improve our mood.

Cohiba Brown granite, extracted from the African subsoil, is a stone of volcanic origin, composed exclusively of natural elements. It is original as it is preserved inside the earth's crust.

The design of 2021

The design of the houses and the interior spaces of the house will consequently be oriented to follow these general lines, which leave ample interpretation to those who will live in the house.

Minimalism and simplification.

We will be enriched with empty space, since we will need more free space to move. So we will say goodbye to the accumulation of useless things, and we will surround ourselves with natural light and minimal, functional, original and modern furnishings.
Our eyes will need to see order, peace and natural beauty. We will find the answer in the sobriety and refinement of the iconic objects of post-war design.

Use of light wood and combination of multi-materials.

The midcentury style draws inspiration from different styles that have in common straight lines, clean, rounded corners, the presence of geometric decorations, and the total absence of floral elements.

This stylistic figure will allow you to play more with the textures and patterns symbol of green environments. For this reason, we believe that the dark brown and gray shades of Cohiba Brown granite can easily match any furniture of 2021.

Soft, earthy colors.

The new design products will speak a primitive language. The trace of nature will be seen in the colors, shades and choice of construction materials.

We will seek contact with the raw material because we will need to revitalize ourselves and feel the living beat of mother earth, because we will need to feel welcomed by a living home that protects and supports us.

Ecological trend.

The design of 2021 will acquire the value of touchpoint with nature. We will try to reduce waste both in the kitchen and in the choice of everyday objects. We will look for durable, recyclable things. Disposables will be banned from our homes because we will have more time to make ecological choices and change our habits. This new time will allow us to improve our lifestyle, in a perspective of respect, savings and protection of things.

Cohiba Brown 2

We are entering a new era in which the originality and naturalness of things will be more sought after and appreciated.
We are entering a decade in which natural materials, such as dark Cohiba Brown granite, will be chosen for their high performance in the home.
We are entering a new year that will renew us.

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