Patagonia quarzo e granito


Name: Patagonia
Material: Natural quartz and granite
Color: Beige
Origin: Brasil
Application: Flooring, wall coverings, kitchen tops and bathroom tops.
Availability: Blocks, slabs

Patagonia is a rare Brazilian semi-precious material because it is composed of two different natural materials compressed together by the force of nature. It is the result of a fusion of white quartz and a beige granite feldspar. It is a unique material because of its very special composition.
Thanks to the coexistence of these two materials, we can call it the only backlit granite.


You can clearly see its dual nature, although the clear separation between the two materials is only noticeable on some blocks. That's the beauty of nature: it gives us unique and inimitable pieces.
It is a semi-precious stone with light colours, but with a double character. Quartz looks like a frozen, motionless element, while granite seems fluid, changing and creating movement.


Quartz and granite together make it an excellent furnishing accessory that can be combined with any project, both modern and classic. It looks like a painting, a work of art depicting the earth, represented by granite, and the sky, represented by quartz. A small jewel that our Mother Earth gives to the luxury and prestigious home.
It adapts easily to any environment, from flat colours to strong contrasts.
It is an eclectic material that can be used to clad interiors or as an outdoor decorative element.



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