Dolce Vita Crystal

Cristallo Superiore Quarzo naturale


Name: Dolce Vita Crystal
Material: Natural quartz
Color: White and Gold
Origin: Brasil
Application: Interior and exterior cladding. Element of furniture that can be LED backlit.
Availability: Blocks, slabs

The Dolce Vita crystal is a natural Brazilian quartz. It is a very hard and compact natural stone despite its crystalline appearance. As a result of the natural compression mechanism, the water and earth that have deposited between the crystals over the centuries, solidifying, have composed this semi-transparent wide-grained semiprecious stone.


Dolce Vita crystal natural quartz is distinguished from other semi-precious materials by the presence of very large crystals, similar to rock crystals.Thanks to this peculiarity, the material contains almost transparent parts similar to glass. The shape of the crystals of which it is composed is reminiscent of the grooves of ice sheets. The golden grain, on the other hand, gives shine to the material. This creates a very strong contrast between warm and cold colours and offers ample expressive possibilities.


The Dolce Vita crystal is a material that encloses warm and cold tones inside. It is a semi-precious natural quartz that stands out for its strong contrasting colours. It is a material suitable for floor and wall coverings, but also serves as a furnishing accessory because the texture, reminiscent of ice, gives depth to the surfaces on which it is laid. It speaks the language of nature. Architectural designers and interior designers can express themselves freely in various contexts. In fact, the Cristallo Dolce Vita dialogues with both alpine and mountain environments, where snow, ice and rock meet. Both with maritime environments where water meets sand or the jagged coastline. Compared to the other semi-precious products in our range, the Cristallo Dolce Vita is more transparent. When backlit with LED lights, it gives brightness and a strong distinctive character to the room and its surroundings. The polished workmanship is certainly the one that brightens the colors and enhances its transparency. The glossy processing is definitely the one that brightens the colors and enhances its transparency.



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