Jatoba Brown

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Name: Jatoba Brown
Material: Quartzite
Colour: Brown
Origin: Brasil
Application: Flooring, wall coverings, kitchen and bathroom tops
Availability: Blocks, Slabs

Jatoba Brown is a quartzite from South America. It is extracted in Brazil in large dark blocks that recall natural wood, both for its color and for the clear and colored veins.


The Jatoba Brown is a uniform quartzite, which has a dark brown in the background, with light veins of warm shades. It recalls the texture of wood, and for this reason it is a very sought-after material from both, interior and exterior decoration designers, for both its natural look and the elegance.


Quartzite Jatoba Brown is suitable for elegant and refined interior design projects; As well as for luxurious and original gardens.
The tropical shades and the slow movement of the colour bands inside make this material applicable in large sizes or small marbles for creating unique and inimitable designs.
It is a material that works well and gives to the rooms a sense of warmth and sophistication, allowing people to live in harmony with everything. It emerges but does not overpower the surrounding materials, in fact, combining other natural colours, you can create an oasis of relaxation and harmony in the kitchen or in the bathroom.


Jatoba Brown: a brown quartzite that resembles wood.




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