Galvani Trading
Natural stone is our passion

Selling granite, marble, quartzite and semiprecious blocks is our business.

Customer satisfaction and end user satisfaction is our mission.

Quality and original value continuous research of our natural materials is our vision.

Galvani Trading

We are part of one granite, marble, quartzite and semiprecious quarries owner group.

Galvani Trading

We were born from two stories of passionate lives devoted to granite, marble, quartzite and semiprecious blocks.

Galvani Trading

We are successful due to our three core strengths: flexibility, expert consultancy and after-sales service.

We are based in Verona, exactly in Cavaion Veronese, in the heart of Valpolicella. Where you will find a wide range of granite, marble, quartzite and semiprecious blocks from around the world on display, with 4000 sqm of storage space.
We are qualified to supply beautiful African and Brazilian natural stones with darker shades, such as black, brown, blue, green, red, pink and white.
We are exporters of exclusive African marbles with unique and inimitable shades of color.
We are researchers of the most beautiful black, gray and green quartzite, for exemplary coverings.
We are discoverers of unique and very rare natural quartzes.

Our customers

We deal exclusively with renovation companies and taxable persons (VAT number) who develop projects in residential, industrial and public buildings.
We export unique materials for colouring and composition to meet the individual needs and demands of an increasingly sophisticated market.

Our customers chose us for:

The large assortment of granite, marble, quartzite and semiprecious blocks

We are committed to supplying our new store blocks on a monthly basis to help you permanently find the best solutions and to ensure that your projects are at the vanguard of the evolution of modern fittings and architecture

Our speed of deliveries

Thanks to the direct contact with the granite, marble and quartzite quarries all over the world, you will be satisfied with the flexibility with which we supply you small or large quantities, with the fast delivery time and with the maximum accuracy with which we perform every transaction

The quality of our services

We personally select each granite, marble, quartzite and semiprecious block to meet the needs of each individual customer, ensuring that we maintain its aesthetic and functional qualities even at our warehouse

What can we do for you?

We pin point for you granite, marble, quartzite and semiprecious of undeniable aesthetic value, able to create - with their harmonious colours - exclusive settings in an completely natural way

We recommend the most suitable material for the kind of work or treatment you have to accomplish

We show you how to satisfy the tastes and needs of your most demanding customers thanks to our experience in the markets

We personally follow every operation, from the order to the supply of blocks directly to the quarry, the choice of the most suitable material (in terms of colour, physical characteristics and production capacity of the quarry), up to the transport and delivery of the blocks in Verona.

Try us!

Galvani Trading srl
Viale del Lavoro, 11 - 37010 Cavaion Veronese VERONA - Italy
VAT nr IT03936510233 | R.E.A. 377777
Capitale Sociale 10.000 € i.v.

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