Natural stone is our passion

Selling granite, marble, quartzite and semiprecious blocks is our business.

Customer satisfaction and end user satisfaction is our mission.

Quality and original value continuous research of our natural materials is our vision.

Entering into a new era,
where new technologies make our work easier,

human contact

We prefer to
listen to our customers and human contact.

We are in a new age,
where everything can be found immediately and everywhere,


We prefer to

We are in a new era
in which fashion dictates the rules of society,


We prefer to
give value to the novel.

Our services:

By listening to the many customers who have chosen us, we have identified 5 services that we offer to all those who rely on our knowledge and skills:


Wide range of granites, marbles, quartzite and semiprecious available


Consultancy to companies and technicians


Customized locks for custom requests


Flexibility: No minimum order


Punctual after-sales service

Our Granites:

Our Marbles:

Our Quartzites:

Our Semiprecious:

Come find us here:

Why stone?

We are not just salesmen, but we would like to offer you the most suitable material for your architectural and design project.
We have many reasons to recommend our materials.

We do so with these articles on our website:

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Viale del Lavoro 11 - 37010 Cavaion Veronese (Vr)

Tel. +39 045 626 1322 - Fax +39 045 626 8591

Days and opening times

From Monday to Friday 8.30 - 12.30 / 14.00 - 18.00
Saturday closed

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