Marble, a sustainable natural material for building and the environment.

The new edition of Marmomac 2023 encourages the public with this slogan 'Be the Plus, Be part of it'. We and our group have accepted the challenge and have chosen to present at the exhibition two new marvellous marbles, expressions of nature and the plant habitat; two solutions that give rooms and buildings a relaxing atmosphere of well-being; two ideas for designing with the best in mind for the planet and its inhabitants.

The Canhimei green marble

It is a multi-coloured material that can become the backdrop for beautiful plant surfaces. A material like this, with its full and intense colours, is enough to experiment with sustainability in architecture and furniture.

Canhimei green speaks the natural language of unspoilt, healthy and mineral-rich territories. It belongs to the striped marble category, i.e. the colour shades are arranged one on top of the other in parallel stripes. These longitudinal lines make it possible to create distant, infinite horizons even in closed rooms with architectural limits to be respected.

The interior designer or architect can play with its almost graphic traces to create geometries and shapes within the built environment, and try to use its forceful lines to create optical effects that make rooms, shops or work surfaces larger.

Come and see it in Hall 9, Stand D9.

The Luminous marble

It is a marble, but it is composed of minerals that make it very similar to a natural quartzite. It is a very resistant and robust stone that conveys energy and vitality. In fact, depending on the type (there is Luminous White, which has a predominantly white surface, and Luminous Gray, which has a predominantly grey surface) the lime-yellow veins look like the material's lifeblood, like green lungs that breathe and give life.

Environmental sustainability can be experienced with marble because it is a raw material that, from when it is quarried to when it is laid, is transformed in form, but not in composition. In this way it remains authentic, in the guise that Mother Nature gives it to us, and does not require conservation treatments that can harm health and the environment.

Luminous marble brings nature into the built space, as it is a physical presence reminiscent of different natural contexts: an arid soil, a sky torn by lightning, the branches of a leaf. The contrast between the colours is strong, distinctive and defined, and can be interpreted by the visitor, depending on his or her culture.

Visit us in Hall 9, Stand D9.

Experimenting with sustainability in furniture, using marble

The uses and applications that can be made with natural stone are many. They are solutions that respect man, his health and well-being, but also the planet. In fact, thanks to new scientific discoveries and constantly developing technologies, the instrumentation, machinery and tools used by quarrymen, craftsmen and marble workers have a very low environmental impact. There are almost always only a few transformation phases and fast production processes: extraction, transport to the laboratory, cutting and finishing.

Examples of Canhimei Green and Luminous marble applications in furniture

The marbles we are bringing to Marmomac this year are suitable for interiors as well as exteriors, as they accommodate any type of finish: honed, polished, rock face, bush-hammered, flamed and sandblasted and can therefore be laid anywhere, to build unique furniture and projects.

Therefore, even outdoors, at different temperatures, in contact with constantly changing atmospheric agents, marbles resist, last over time and do not change their characteristics. Moreover, precisely because of their physical appearance, in landscape architecture, they can be used to create evocative and immersive natural scenery, on breathtaking terraces, infinity pools or exclusive premises.

In interior architecture, marble is a favourite material for its beauty and lustre, but also for its colours, texture and primordial origin.

If you choose natural stone for your projects, you can promote a culture of sustainable construction, responding to a societal need.

If you choose marble for your cladding or furniture, you make your projects unique and inimitable examples, because one block, one slab and then one tile of marble will never be the same as another.

If you choose us at Galvani Trading for materials consultancy, you can discover new rocks, exclusive solutions that allow you to sign your work with originality.

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