Roma Green: A Green Quartzite for the Most Sought-After Interior Styles

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Industrial Style, Scandinavian Style, Vintage Style, and Modern-Contemporary Style: When to Use a Green Material in Furniture.

In this article, we want to show you how green quartzite, particularly the Roma Green material, with its rich tones, fits into the most sought-after furniture styles: industrial style, Scandinavian style, vintage style, and modern-contemporary style.
For now, we will focus only on these four styles as they are the most popular among industry professionals. However, we believe that Roma Green can adapt to any style, as its surface resembles the crystallized effect of water, a natural element essential for human life, thus present in everyone’s life, including in home decor.

How to Use Green Quartzite in Furniture

Quartzite is a very hard and resistant natural stone. It accommodates any type of processing and treatment, making it an eclectic material that brings unique atmospheres and scenes to life, both indoors and outdoors. It can be used for:

  • Flooring and Steps: The horizontal and ground installation gives the impression of walking on a grassy surface.
  • Wall Cladding: Creates natural environments reminiscent of forests, woods, or vertical gardens.
  • Kitchen Countertops, Tables, and Furniture: Brings the element found in nature directly into the home, creating vibrant environments that evoke light and fresh air.

Roma Green quartzite, with its intense texture that seems to emerge from the stone, offers an infinite palette of colors from which architects can draw inspiration to match materials and fabrics with various interior design styles. Its versatility makes it an excellent choice for innovative and personalized projects.

We will explore how Roma Green quartzite can enrich and add character to different design spaces, from the bold and modern to the traditional and comfortable.


Roma Green Quartzite in Industrial Style

In spaces (homes, offices, commercial establishments) decorated in industrial style, characterized by raw surfaces, exposed bricks, and materials like metal and concrete, Roma Green quartzite can introduce an element of natural vibrancy. A wall, table, or island in green quartzite can become the focal point, breaking monotony and adding warmth. After all, this style of decor originated from the desire to reclaim and reuse abandoned spaces destined for industrial manufacturing, which in a way are also “absorbed” by the vegetation growing around them. Hence, our green material can be introduced to give continuity and meaning to the concept of reclamation.

In large open spaces typical of homes decorated in this style, Roma Green quartzite can become a coherent choice for those who love visible pipes, large windows, and deliberately scuffed walls. Not to be overlooked, Roma Green quartzite can accommodate any type of finish, thus being able to interpret the roughest and rawest possible surface, in harmony with the rest of the decor.

Roma Green Quartzite in Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian-style interiors are appreciated and sought after because they convey reliability, transparency, protection, and peace. They are characterized by order, essential geometries, and very light colors, as white is the predominant color found in nature in the northernmost countries of the world. People who love the environment and want to draw inspiration from it, to enhance materials and colors, especially Nordic ones, choose this style. For this reason, Roma Green quartzite can add a natural element to the home, with sage green, lime green, and apple green hues that complement wood and the fabrics of carpets or blankets.

A Roma Green quartzite top on light wood furniture, as a bathroom sink, or as a wall cladding in the living room, can enrich the environment without overloading it, as the green shades present are always soft tones, respectful of the surrounding environment. The peculiarity of this material, when used in a Scandinavian interior design project, is precisely to convey a sense of natural balance and harmony with the external environment, created by Mother Earth.

Roma Green Quartzite in Vintage Style

Those who choose to decorate in vintage style know that over time and trends, their home will always remain fashionable, as this style, in its "vintage" nature, remains timeless. For this reason, natural stone is a suitable material for vintage decor: it never goes out of style and coexists perfectly with elements that tell stories of the past. Depending on the era chosen to be depicted, unique furniture, objects, and colors from that period can be found. Its peculiarity is that, by referring to past eras, it always refers to different examples according to the taste of the property owners.

Pairing Roma Green quartzite with vintage furniture and wood finishes can create a charming contrast between new and old, where the natural green of the stone evokes the charm of past eras. Whether as flooring (instead of a carpet, for example) or as vertical cladding, a Roma Green quartzite surface embraces all eras. Because it is a very personal style, it can be combined with 1950s floral fabrics or 1970s velvet armchairs and sofas.

Roma Green Quartzite in Modern-Contemporary Style

In contrast to vintage style, modern-contemporary style is based on three principles: simplicity, comfort, and aesthetics, combined by the concept of functionality. A space decorated in this style often integrates smart home technologies and multifunctional furniture; indeed, for the style to be recognized as such, it is important to have a balance between functionality and form. Characterized by clean and essential lines, where the rule "less is more" prevails (as in minimalist design), this style features bright colors, marked geometric lines, and precious materials. For this reason, we are confident that Roma Green quartzite can add a contemporary touch, whether used on floors or wall cladding.

The versatility of Roma Green quartzite allows it to be easily integrated into contemporary contexts, as its natural soft tones harmonize with materials like glass and steel, creating an interesting play of contrasts and reflections. The multiple shades of green in this material make it easy to find combinations, both in furniture and fabrics, among the various colors and accessories present in the rooms.

Every style of decor can be enhanced and renewed through the use of Roma Green quartzite, a material that brings the essence of nature and transforms it into art. Colored materials are often seen as decorative elements, yet in this case, Roma Green quartzite is a protagonist furnishing solution, capable of giving character and personality to any space, meeting the aesthetic and functional needs of the most visionary architects and interior designers.

This article offers ideas, creative insights, and inspiration for making the most of an exclusive material like Roma Green. Let us know which other style you would like us to delve into to show you how easily the versatility of Roma Green quartzite adapts to all decor styles. We emphasize that it is an exclusive quartzite from our catalog, of which we are very proud, as we are convinced it can dialogue with all types of furnishings, tastes, and styles.

Check out the technical data sheet of the material.

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