Cohiba Brown or Brown Antique

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Name: Cohiba Brown or Brown Antique
Material: Granite
Colour: Brown
Origin: Angola
Application: Flooring, wall coverings, kitchen and bathroom tops
Availability: Blocks, Slabs

Granite Cohiba Brown is an extracted material from Central Africa. It comes from Angola and is very much appreciated by architects for the dark shades that the material creates when illuminated by bright beams. It can also be found under the name Brown Antique or Marron Cohiba to emphasize the predominance of the colour.


The Cohiba Brown is a brown granite, stained with silvery geometric forms in dark, yet bright shades. Its warm shades and blue reflections, which are visible on the material once laid out, give the interior and exterior a semblance of great style and elegance.
It is a privileged material in high-end designs for the unique colour games that are created, in a kind of "seeing, not seeing” way which is very impressive in interior and exterior design.


In addition to being a multi-coloured granite it is also multifunctional, suitable for residential floors, stairs and enriching the kitchen with a unique top.
In the bathroom, it is nice to see it as a wall cladding, as well as in the shower. And despite the attenuating tone, Cohiba Brown, with its bright enclosures, gives expressive character and freedom even in small rooms.
It is also recommended for outdoor environments for the naturality of its colours and fits easily into the garden, in the form of table, stairs and pool edges.


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