Let's restart together to build a sustainable future

Coming together is the beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.
Henry Ford

Welcome back!

We are happy to be back together with the entire stone and construction industry in Italy. Companies of extraction, transformation and production of capital goods finally active again and ready to build the near future.

We find ourselves today, still behind our computer screens and smartphones, but finally we find ourselves to stay together, to redesign tomorrow and to respond to the new needs of the market. We will certainly not return to normality but, starting from our sphere, we can build a new normality. We are all called upon to lay the different foundations to raise the sector and the country. The negative impact on exports will be seen, but we are all in the same boat, so we have to row together to reach ambitious goals.

It has not been easy to accept this break. We postponed the closure of certain contracts, left the first quarter objectives on hold, put projects on hold, suspended certain activities, cancelled meetings and cancelled scheduled travel and travel bookings. From one day to the next, the country has entered a state of total immobility... externally. Deserted roads and cities. Silent schools and kindergartens. But our homes have been reborn. Gardens have flourished. And cookbooks are back in vogue.

It's undeniable. Lockdown has limited us in many actions. But at this time apologies were not acceptable, we had time to cross off the list of things to do in the house and set aside too long. And for that reason, we won't call it Phase 2, we'll call it Phase 2. Because we believe that even the choice to use a more emotional word helps us to connect and encourages us to look ahead with new eyes.

What signals this crisis has given to our supply chain.

  • People need to live in contact with nature and its elements.

We discovered with this obligatory break that Italians who had a green corner or a terrace dedicated themselves to their care. Everyone, thinking individually to beautify their spaces, contributed to beautify the building. And more well-maintained homes made it possible to aesthetically improve the neighborhood. And more neighbourhoods have made a town and a city more beautiful. And one city after another have blossomed with the season.

The human being needs green spaces. To breathe fresh air. To look out the window and admire an urban landscape that dialogues with the earth.

Studies and research say that direct contact with the natural elements helps to relieve tensions, helps to regain strength doing good for the human psyche and mind. And the choice of materials to be used in the home and outside therefore acquires a vital importance for our lifestyle.
In this article we talked about how to use Lumious African marble, for example.

  • The organization of the spaces in the house was of fundamental importance.

Social distancing is the first recommendation and the main behaviour to adopt in order to safeguard us and others. And so almost 2 million Italians have been able to work on the dining table in the living room, or on the desk in their children's bedroom. Assuming that smart working also involves a change of mentality, according to an estimate by Nomisma, 56% of respondents would continue to work from home even after the lockdown, albeit to a reduced extent. This not only means a decent digital connection to be productive, but professionals will need a space to live and work together. And it's not just a matter of organizing the family, but of arranging schedules, tidy spaces, adequate light and actions that facilitate concentration and operations.

In the houses of the future, it will be the architect's task to respond to this type of need. We can help you choose certain materials for the cladding, according to your needs and the final result you want to achieve.

What will be the demands of the future?

The context has changed. Consumers will have new needs. And to anticipate future needs and find ourselves ready to build new urban landscapes and renovated public places we will have to promote:

  • Natural materials in construction

We will need to be in touch with nature to improve our psychophysical state. We will respond to its call by taking care of it and supporting a sustainable development policy, because the natural dimension belongs to us and makes us feel good.
If you think this trend is real, look at our product portfolio. You may find the natural stone extracted for your project.

  • Less pollution

This blockage of emissions has also allowed our planet to breathe a breath of air and be reborn. It has also allowed us its inhabitants to feel and see lighter air due to the drastic reduction in particulate matter.

Each of us can continue to adopt environmentally friendly behaviour, for example by choosing natural materials whose life cycle is eternal.

  • Careful design of private spaces

It will become a priority to combine work and private life at home. Places will have to be adapted to accommodate change and perhaps a new habit. This philosophy will certainly be discussed in the next architectural projects, and the care of the natural aspect inside it will not lack: from light design to noise pollution control, from the choice of surface materials to the presence of certain plants and flowers to benefit from their contribution of healthiness.

In this Restart Phase the first thing we have to think about is recovering the psychophysical well-being. So, strength and courage customers, suppliers, consultants and architects, if we work in a coordinated manner in the future it will be a success.

What will we do!

We will continue to look for unique and exclusive natural materials. New blocks of Luminous marble and Cohiba Brown granite have arrived from Angola. From Brazil new blocks of natural Grey Bayou and Imperial Crystal quartz.

We will continue to promote the importance of the man-nature relationship.

We will continue to give you ideas to create new functional and aesthetically beautiful living spaces.

We have proved on our skin that time has always a very high value, and we at Galvani Trading would like to dedicate our attention and knowledge to you first of all in a consulting perspective.

Good Restart Phase to all.

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