Crystal Flowers

Cristallo Superiore Quarzo naturale


Name: Crystal Flowers
Material: Natural Quartz
Color: White
Origin: Brasil

Flooring, wall coverings, kitchen tops and bathroom tops

Availability: Blocks, slabs

Crystal Flowers is a natural quartz crystal. Its aesthetics bring to mind just the trigonal crystal structure, a sign that seals its nature.
It is mined in Brazil, in a particular area that is bringing out pieces of unique beauty. Its peculiarity, compared to the other crystals in our collection, is the strong chromatic presence of multiple colors.


It is a colorful crystal. Seen from different angles, from the front, from the side, from above or from below, you will discover pinkish hues, yellow shadows and purple trails.It's a very vibrant material that appeals to architects and end users alike. Despite the coexistence of several colors, even in contrast, the mix of colors make it a balanced material and suitable for any type of architectural context.


It is a very hard, durable material and therefore suitable for all types of surface processing. The most beautiful and special details come out when it is backlit. Its crystalline texture makes the material bloom like a flower, hence its name Crystal Flowers.
It's a semi-precious material that interior designers really like because, unlike other crystals with neutral colors, this one has character.
Every single slab of this colored crystal has its own design due to the presence of singular mineral traces on each cut. Those who choose this material for their projects are choosing to have a unique piece of nature in their home, business, boutique or luxury hotel.

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