We fight against all forms of child labor in the quarry

We extract our materials from countries known for their high levels of poverty and illiteracy, especially among children.

Asia first, then Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America are the areas where many children are slaves to the mineral and stone mining business.


We at Galvani, together with the group to which we belong, have always been committed to ensuring that no child labour is used in our quarries.

UNICEF distinguishes between sensible work and exploitation and the latter is recognised when there is one:

  • full-time work at a young age;
  • the overloading of daily hours;
  • activities that are harmful to health (injuries, damage to eyesight, hearing or motor damage, etc.);
  • the street as a place to live and work;
  • non-payment of wages or derisory pay;
  • the allocation of excessive responsibility for age;
  • activities that prevent school attendance;
  • activities detrimental to the child's dignity and self-esteem.

This often happens when the production chain is not controlled.

We at Galvani can guarantee that in the workplaces to which our abstract activity belongs, there is an iron control that ensures the protection of children.

We are parents, mothers and fathers with underage children. 
In the home environment, our task is to protect children's childhood and ensure that everyone grows up in a safe and healthy environment.
Through our work we do not want to put the health, safety and future of any child at risk in the name of any interest.

Writing this article makes our hearts weep. But we cannot close our eyes. Unfortunately, many underage children in the world are still enslaved by reckless business logic.

We believe in sustainable development in which child labour is not contemplated.

Denying the right to childhood is a crime that must be stopped collectively, that is, by taking action on several fronts:

  • From a social point of view, child protection systems must be increased, supporting the poorest families and educating them in alternative forms of income;
  • from the educational point of view, the role and structure of the family must be strengthened to remove children from dangerous workplaces in favour of education and school integration;
  • from the governmental point of view, more controls must be carried out at the various stages of production and transformation, prohibiting exploitative behaviour and identifying sanctions and measures to combat it.

From our point of view, we are committed to protecting children, so that they are not denied the carefree, joy of play, the beauty of growth and development, the freedom to dream of their future and the security of being able to achieve it.

UNICEF data show a positive trend, with child labour declining in more and more parts of the world. Compared to other sectors, the extraction sector is less affected, but that does not mean we need to lower our guard.

Our company policy is not only an explicit and shared position, but a choice certified by official documentation.
This philosophy of ours is not only an ethical choice, but a humanitarian value that respects man in every phase of his life.

Write to us to view the certifications.

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