Titanium Black: Brazilian granite black, white and gold.

Cucina in granito Titanium Black

Titanium Black Brazilian granite slabs are among the most sought after and appreciated among Brazilian granites.

There are numerous studies and research that demonstrate the correlation between human behavior and color. And we at Galvani Trading are convinced that there is a link between its elegant shades and its success.


Colors on a sensorial level

The intelligent use of colour in interior design and exterior cladding gives rooms and architecture different connotations and meanings.

Starting from sight, in fact, we attribute to objects and places an idea that is closely linked to our experience with other senses.

Acid green, for example, has a negative connotation due to its sour appeal linked to the sense of taste, which is why it is not widely used in catering. The rose, on the other hand, reminds us of something fragrant because of its link with the flower of the same name, so much so that we can perceive its presence even when it is physically present. It is easy to use it in sweets and candies shops because it reminds you of something sweet, imagining its taste already in your mouth.

Colors on a neurophysiological level

Colours also produce effects on our organism, making us change moods and moods. These are not tricks or marketing ploys used to sell. There are real studies that confirm how the wise use of colors can stimulate the human mind by provoking emotions and creating immediate action.

The clearest example is the red that marks the stop, and that therefore in other circumstances helps to make people perceive that there is a danger. The same is true for green, which is the green light, and therefore conveys a sense of security in the human mind.

Colors on a psychological level

The stimuli of colours also have effects on our behaviour, since the psyche translates them by attributing more or less positive meanings to each of them, also according to the experience and the cultural aspect in which we live. This is why chromotherapy is used to work on personality disorders. It is no coincidence that in wellness centres the most common colours are cold colours ranging from purple to green.

These are relaxing colours that transmit peace and lower the defences. Bright colours and warm shades, on the other hand, can be found in shops and points of sale where quick, instinctive actions are required.

We need this premise to introduce you to Titanium granite, which has three colours inside, two neutrals, black and white, and a warm one, gold. The universe of sensations that can give birth to such a material are many and with this article we would like to try to present them all, so that you can take inspiration to meet the needs of your clients.

What is Titanium Black

Among Brazilian granites, this is the best-selling. It is the most popular material in Brazil. It is a black stone suitable for both indoor and outdoor floors.

Its compactness and hardness ensure special workmanship ranging from kitchen tops and bathroom tops to sophisticated design elements. Inside it has soft streaks of white quartz and golden quartz that give it shine and shine, despite its dark colour.

In modern Black&White furniture, Titanium Black lends itself perfectly, especially to embellish with its golden vein that decorates and illuminates the material.

titanium black intro

The significance of the colour black in interior design

As in fashion, black is synonymous with elegance and refinement. The correct study of its lines of strength represents both a male and female style.

It transmits decision and elevates the coloured elements in the room to it. It is a color that should be used in moderation, because an excessive presence of black can be scary and people in dark places may feel threatened. On a neurophysiological level, a person can be frightened because a dark place where there is no light keeps them in a state of constant alarm.

In Brazilian Titanium Black granite, as the name says, the predominant colour is black, but it is not absolute black. In it there are soft white quartz balls and light golden lines that elevate it to a higher state of value.

The meaning of white in interior design

White is synonymous with purity (at least here in the West), freshness and renewal. A white room appears larger and more spacious, healthier and brighter.

In contemporary design it is used to connote a great attention to care and design study, but at the same time it is a neutral colour, which does not have a personality. Also in this case it is a colour that must be measured so as not to disorientate the interlocutor, who risks not finding points of reference, perceiving a lack of care for the location.

In the Brazilian Titanium Black granite, white appears in the form of frothy stains, like clouds moved by the wind that give dynamism and a lot of shine to the material.

The meaning of gold in furniture

It is a brilliant colour that denotes richness and extreme beauty. It is radiant and vital, as it recalls sunlight. As a warm colour it is welcoming and stimulates concentration. Again, it is important to dose its use. It communicates curiosity, optimism and attention to detail when used as a decoration. It risks being too flashy, creating too much attention to it if it is used badly.

In Brazilian Titanium Black granite the golden vein is slightly visible, but it is enough to appear bright and shiny.

The colour power of Titanium Black granite

You architect, interior designer or interior decorator have the privilege of visually stimulating the inhabitants of a room, living room or office, thanks to the right balance of colors that can help you evoke feelings, emotions and direct responses.

You have the strength to make the human body dialogue silently with an environment.

You can make your client achieve amazing results by applying a discreet but powerful multicolored material.

You choose to have our Titanium Black Brazilian granite slabs work to make the man and woman who live the architectural space live an experience:

  • it stimulates the birth of positive emotions thanks to the coexistence of neutral colours and warm colours, synonymous of stability and welcome;
  • it gives rise to feelings of lightness and makes guests dream. It is like a natural representation of a dark sky on which foamy white clouds dance;
  • it conveys a positive message by giving surfaces precious luminosity.

Examples of application of Brazilian Titanium Black granite

The use of colours in architecture not only serves to furnish, but certainly helps to highlight shapes, volumes and details arranged in space.

This black granite helps to create a balance between solids and voids and between furnishings and cladding. Although it is a material for covering walls and floors, its extreme beauty speaks for itself. A granite slab of this kind communicates a universe of mysterious but luminous stories.

It is chosen especially for the granite cladding of the modern bathroom, which acquires added value and a strong character thanks to the presence of the golden vein. It should not be underestimated that the alternation of black and white manages to give importance to the room, which is usually small and hidden. The polished workmanship, combined with the presence of brilliant white and gold quartz, make this room a jewel to be discovered. A little treasure that marvels.

Thanks to the natural picture that nature has given us back with this metamorphic creation, Titanium Black granite can be laid in wellness centres, in the pool area, or in rooms used for relaxation, to make people dream and travel beyond time and space.

Due to the hardness of the type of granite, Titanium Black is also used for the processing of kitchen tops that surprise and shine in a natural way. Higher floor of the kitchen make this room a place of extreme refinement, to live with taste.

In the glossy black floors, Titanium Black gives the room an elegant and refined touch. But at the same time it creates movement. In fact, the lightness of the white quartz stains animate the rooms and create a natural golden design.

We have listed just a few examples of the use of colour in interior architecture. There are many elements that contribute to create a harmonious environment, and they also depend on the type of message that a room, a company, a family wants to give to its guests.

This granite enchants and bewitches with its charm and the many meanings it conveys. Its elegant colors make it a suitable material for modern projects, which have as their goal the communication of a defined style. For this reason it is among the most sought after Brazilian materials.

We are available to help you choose and define your project. Contact us!

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