Marmomac 2019: Galvani materials in the prestigious Hall 1

Marmomac 2019 Galvani Trading

Naturalness is the condition of what is natural.

Uniqueness is the characteristic of being unique, the fact that there are no other equal elements.

Purity is the quality of a material that does not contain foreign elements.

What image would you match to these 3 words?


  • We have thought of all our materials.

Granites from Africa and Brazil, African marbles, Brazilian quartzites and rare natural quartzes extracted directly from our own quarries. Stones with a high aesthetic value and with highly sought after technical and physical properties among designers, architects and interior designers. Pure rocks, just as Mother Nature has preserved them over time.

  • Marmomac, the largest marble, design and technology trade fair, created the slogan of the 2019 edition for us.

"Naturality: uniqueness and purity of stone" will be the theme for the activities and works in the most prestigious hall of the trade fair: The Italian Stone Theater - Hall 1. A space for experimentation and diffusion of the lithic culture.

Marmomac 2019, inside the most elegant hall, houses works of marble design with high aesthetic and communicative value. Our Galvani Trading will be present with our exclusive materials.

DJ Collection is the interior design project born from the encounter between nature, essentiality and human ingenuity.

The designer is Alberto Minotti.

The company, which has worked and assembled the work, is Matteo Baldi's Marmi Ragano.

We at Galvani Trading srl are the suppliers of the exclusive materials used.

Nature has made the Brazilian quartzite Jatoba Brown, the Brazilian natural Quartz Cristallo Imperiale and the Luminous marble from Angola available to us.

These are 3 distinct pieces of décor, sharing a common square geometric module that measures 37.5 cm.

The beauty of the project lies in having set these individual units so as to create a fluid and lively effect, despite the use of solid and robust stone.

Three different materials were used to enhance the uniqueness and geodiversity of this material.

A design reception, in wood or marble?


The DJ Cube Reception Desk has a simple design but it amazes and starts the conversation. In fact, if you enter the pavilion distracted, it will be difficult to distinguish the material used.
It is a reception desk over 4 meters long, made of Jatoba Brown quartzite, a Brazilian material with veins similar to those of wood. The predominant color is dark brown, but the clear traces that run along the surface have shades that diffuse warmth to the cold matter.
The peculiarity of this parallelepiped is that, in its simple and uniform form, it contains an array of irregular shapes. They are naturally created thanks to the choice of combining the tiles whose surface has engraved veins that run in several directions.

A game of natural contrasts in the relaxation area


The DJ Cube Lowtable coffee table is located in the Relax Room of Hall 1. This area is furnished to facilitate meetings and relationships, to emphasize the exchange of ideas even in a moment of rest. Regarding the design, you will find the ten seats scattered in space. In fact, the purpose of this area is to make people meet, even in small groups, where privacy and intimacy are respected by the proxemics of space architecture.

The table and the seats are supported by the Jatoba Brown quartzite, to continue the aesthetics found in the reception. The countertop and the seat are instead in a semi-precious material: a natural quartz called Cristallo Imperiale. It is a very hard natural stone, inside which crystals have been deposited which are identified in the veins with warm colours.
The choice to combine these two materials is not random. The aesthetic game of contrasts is fundamental to excite and surprise the occupant of this area.

Two fluorescent stone benches


The two benches in Luminous marble are always found in the Relax Room of Hall 1. The designer, Alberto Minotti, challenged the heavy material of the stone, creating a light but robust structure. A rigorous and geometric design that perfectly aligns with the entire project of this collection.
What differentiates these benches from the other 10 seatings?
They have a backrest and a large and spacious support, meaning they can accommodate several people at the same time. They are made of Luminous marble, a material composed of three colours: gray, white and yellow. The latter resembles the energy discharge of lightning because it is a fluorescent yellow.
These are two seating to be experienced. Two benches that transmit positive force.
Sit down! Take back the energy! Get up and go!

DJ Collection, a tribute to Donald Judd

The 3 projects are part of the same collection that pays homage to the American designer Donald Judd (1948-1994). He is known for his three-dimensional works and is the founding father of minimalism, in art, design, architecture and furnishings.
According to Judd's philosophy the work and the surrounding space have the same weight. That is, the object is closely connected with the external world and becomes one with it.

This is why the works created by designer Alberto Minotti are works to be experienced. These are real things that have the task of supporting and meeting the needs of man and the surrounding space.
The air, the light, the sounds of words, the skin of your hands, are all elements that interact with the design product and that talk together and tell the experience with the natural material.

You can view the entire DJ collection in Hall 1 of the Marmomac trade fair from 25 to 28 September 2019.
But don't just admire them!
We invite you to contact us!
Approach the reception and ask for information.
Have a seat on one of the rare phosphorescent benches.
Place the brochures of the trade fair on the table and relax looking at them.
With this work we wanted to create a new way of communicating and spreading marble design.

Moreover, if you want to set creativity in motion, working with new and exclusive materials, visit the technical data sheet of each material used: Jatoba Brown quartzite, Cristallo Imperiale quartz, Luminous marble. You will find that our product portfolio features Luminous Gray marble and Luminous White.

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