Marble Luminous: green material for open spaces

The international exhibition of the stone sector closed with great satisfaction for us at Galvani.

We are proud that the DJ Collection has been enjoyed by operators in the sector, designers and end users.

This article is written for the landscape architect who recognizes the authentic and inimitable value of living stone as a material that the earth has preserved for many years, so that today we can show the world his creations.

 The materials in our collection are rare and exclusive to the group to which we belong. At the fair in Verona we have not only presented them in brochures, but we have placed them in a context of real use.

We saw your hands passing from the right to the left side of the Jatoba Brown Brazilian quartzite counter to perceive the veins of the satin material on your fingertips.

We saw groups of professionals meet in the relaxation area and experience a discussion between the green leaves and crystals of the Imperial quartz.

We saw the light of your flashes shining through the branches of the bamboo that reserved for the benches in African marble Luminous an intimate space and set.

Pavilion 1 of Marmomac 2019 was for us a first approach to contextualize the use of our Luminous marble. A compact stone, unique in its kind. A hard stone with a high aesthetic performance in both interior design and landscape architecture.

The landscape architect can take inspiration from his natural colours to reflect the nature around him. Or vice versa, by reading the surrounding environment, recognizing similar traits and bringing them together in an open dialogue.


The 5 reasons for choosing a green material such as African Luminous marble in landscape architecture

1. Ethical commitment

Architectural projects represent for the landscape architect an ethical commitment towards the context in which they are inserted, the community and the surrounding environment.

The choice of materials to be used is usually a delicate phase, during which the client's tastes, the physical and mechanical characteristics of the materials and the neighbouring habitat must be aligned.

The shades of Lime green, smoke grey and chalk white that paint Luminous marble are colours that can define a link between urban spaces and nature. And the brilliant veins that cross the material represent formidable potential to enrich the evocative scenery and aesthetics of the landscape.

2. Reduced visual impact

In open space architecture, the designer's responsibility is also to create places that are beautiful to the eye and pleasing to the spirit. New dimensions, inclusive and respectful of the present and the future.

Luminous marble is a primordial material that acts as a link between the natural dimension and the dimension of artifice. Its characteristics reveal the possibility of designing open spaces in which the marble blends in with the vegetation, but at the same time shines in all its beauty and brightness. It is a green solution that creates harmonies and natural contrasts, giving rise to a continuum between the landscape and the built.

3. Natural material

We discover new materials have two great privileges. Let's see what Mother Earth has reserved for us. And we give new life to what we extract. It's not about taking something away from the earth. On the contrary, it means increasing the natural surface with which man comes into contact on a daily basis. It is a simple movement of matter, from the subsoil to the outside.

We have a noble mission: to relate man to an original material that has been hidden for many years, so that people can use it for their own well-being.

You, the landscape architect, have a prestigious mission: with Luminous marble you can give voice to Mother Earth. You can make the green heart of the subsoil beat even on the surface, at the sight of men and women in search of beauty.

4. Aesthetic value

Nature is often a source of inspiration in fashion design, graphic design, product design and even interior design. But when it is the vegetation that is the protagonist, you, the landscape architect, are the director, who harmoniously coordinates the scenery (the territory), the extras (the animals) and the props that enter the story.

Despite the fact that Luminous marble is extracted in an area with desert vegetation, it has such a strong character that it is able to integrate itself into environments without vegetation, and make itself the key element of reference to greenery.

Stone landscapes, as part of garden design and green landscaping projects, acquire greater aesthetic value when the marble used speaks the same language as the land.

5. Types of machining and outdoor applications

03 Luminous finiture

In the planning, design and management of the landscape and open spaces, the use of Luminous marble improves the relationship between man, vegetation and the preciousness of minerals.
The solid relationship between nature, man and technology only enhances the functional and aesthetic potential of stone.
At the fair on the benches you could feel the smooth effect on the inside of the seats, and the rock face effect on the outside surface.


With the sanding we wanted to show the extreme authenticity of the marble surface. This type of work reproduces a satin effect on which the reflections do not appear. Nevertheless, the surface is very smooth to the touch, since the sanding process guarantees the removal of the roughness of the stone.

For outdoor laying it is the best solution, because the weather conditions do not affect the material and the beauty of the marble remains unchanged over time. It can be chosen for any type of project, for the creation of benches, bar tables, chairs and vases to enhance the garden. But also for the covering of facades and elegant fences.

Rock face

With this technique, on the other hand, we really wanted to show the rocky soul of the Luminous. Such a process enhances the colours, and in our case the flashes of lime green that characterize the material. This gives Luminous marble a three-dimensional dimension, in which each colour occupies a space delimited by a clear mineral trace.

To the touch, the surface is rough and the sensation it conveys is that of touching the living stone.

Adopt it to enhance contrasts and natural matter in gardens, parks and relaxation oases, but also as cocktail counters, swimming pools and poolside areas.

Bush hammering

As Luminous is a very hard and compact marble, it is able to withstand the tapping of the bush-hammering machine, which gives the finished product an anti-slip quality. It is used for the laying on the ground of pavements, walkways and paths for forgiveness, but also for vertical walls of fountains or walls of water with a high scenic effect.


Compared to the previous process, with the flaming you get a surface with a "naturally exfoliated" appearance. The final result is not a regular plane, but a split stone that reproduces the natural appearance of the living rock.

This technique also produces a non-slip product, suitable both for laying on the ground and for vertical wall cladding.

The external walls of a hotel or the fence walls of a luxury residential area made of flamed Luminous marble can become living surfaces, small "green lungs" that recall nature.


This type of working is obtained by using a jet of sand at other pressure that gives the marble a very marked satin effect. It is a solution that gives the rooms a very suggestive character, since hard and rigid stone acquires characteristics of softness and flexibility. If combined with other types of processing, it can be used as a decorative element for any piece of furniture.

We have tried to indicate some examples of use in this last part of the article, but each architectural and landscape project has a message to communicate that must be studied individually.

At Galvani, we are not only sellers of marble, but real consultants, who can help you in the choice of the type of work, based on the functional, stylistic and aesthetic needs of your project of environmental architecture.

Over the years man has given shape to his habitat with stone and now, thanks to our quarries, you can design landscapes made of a unique natural mineral: the African marble Luminous Gray and Luminous White.

The 5 reasons for choosing a green material such as African Luminous marble in landscape architecture

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