Amethyst Chevron

Ametista Chevron


Name: Amethyst Chevron
Material: Natural quartz
Color: Purple
Origin: Brazil
Application: Interior and exterior cladding.

Blocks with very large dimensions to maintain the integrity of the crystals inside.

Our semi-precious Amethyst Chevron takes its name from the precious gem inside this material.
It is a semi-precious stone that we pridefully present, since it is a unique specimen extracted in Brazil, from a very small quarry owned by us. The Ametista melts with the white quartz, giving rise to this fusion called Chevron.


Imagine seeing the crystals of a purple amethyst gem blended naturally into a white stone. The visual spectacle is unique and very rare.
We thank mother nature for embracing and protecting these precious gems of amethyst for many years, which can now decorate rooms and areas in close contact with us.


Natural White Quartz with Amethyst is a precious and very rare material.
It is a semi-precious because the Amethyst is a very refined example of a precious gem, and in this form it gives the possibility to embellish any environment.
It is suitable for interior and exterior cladding, to make luxirous areas.
It is an elitist material, because the low volume of extractable quantity makes it a highly sought-after semi-precious.
It can be used for creating kitchen counter tops, for large table surfaces, for refined bathroom coverings or in prestigious living rooms.
The white color of the quartz that composes it makes this material an ideal solution to furnish even modern, minimal and highly conceptual environments.


Amethyst purple quartz for interior design

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