Waterfull Green or Verde Cascada

Waterfall Green Quartzite


Name: Waterfull Green or Verde Cascada
Material: Quartzite
Color: Green
Origin: Brasil
Application: Flooring and cladding, interior and exterior. Stairs, kitchen countertops, bathrooms and furnishings
Availability: Blocks, slabs

The Waterfall Green quartzite, also called Verde Cascada is a natural stone of Brazilian origin. It is a very special material, because, despite refering to one color in its name, it presents many colors, but less intense than green. It could almost be defined a multicolored quartzite.


Waterfall Green is a quartzite with a predominant green background. The individual blocks acquire movement and liveliness, according to the varying shade intensity of the spots that emerge from its composition.
Pink, beige and silver nuances blend together with green, and recreate the movement of a tranquil body of water that transmits serenity and inner peace.


Verde Cascada is suitable for any type of interior and exterior design thanks to the chromatic presence of many colors well combined with each other: wherever it is laid, you can recreate a welcoming and relaxing environment, which points to the tropical atmosphere of Brazil.
This Brazilian quartzite has a perfect aesthetic appearance in interior furnishings for floors and wall cladding. It is suitable for kitchen countertops, tables for living rooms and stairs.

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