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Quartzite is a metamorphic natural stone composed almost exclusively of quartz. It derives from sandstone subjected to very high temperatures and pressure of tectonic movements.
It differs from granite and marble for its neutral color, its compactness and the ability to show, as in an oil painting, a natural section of the subsoil from which it is extracted.
The pure and unique essence of these quartzites appears with the honing and satin-finishing processes, as these are finishes that enhance the natural characters of the rock.


Depending on the place of extraction, quartzites can have different technical characteristics and you can rely on us to make sure you know which are the most suitable for your projects. Every month we bring new blocks of quartzite into our warehouse, specimens that come from quarries owned by the group we belong to. This network of companies allows us to satisfy various requests and to be able to help in choosing the best natural stone, for residential and public architectural projects and for interior or exterior cladding.

Thanks to this collaboration with Galvani Trading:

  • You will get customized blocks according to your needs or architects' needs. This way, we are able to supply blocks of the requested dimensions directly from the pit;
  • You can order small and large quantities, we are able to supply you the desired quantity;
  • You have access to our expert consultancy on the type of quartzites you are looking for because we know the characteristics and the works that can be performed on each of them;
  • You get post-sales assistance.

Each technical sheet is designed to help you choose and understand which material will best suit your needs; our team will always be at your disposal to provide further details and ensure a secure purchase for your projects or your customers' projects.

Among the offered quartzites blocks are the most beautiful of Brazilian and African origin.

The photos you will find here on the site are just for reference, as each quartzites block has its own characteristics to ensure unique and original finishes.

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