Boreal Marble


Name: Boreal
Material: Marble
Color: Orange
Origin: Angola
Application: Interior and exterior cladding and floors
Availability: Blocks, slabs

The Boreal is a new exclusive very compact marble of African origin. It is mined in the desert area at the south of Angola. Just by looking and it, the mind travels through those warm and tropical lands, where the sand is carried by the wind and gently dropped on dunes and plateaus that create beautiful natural landscapes.


Boreal marble has a mainly warm orange color. It is a natural stone that represents the desert territory, as it is composed of a fine granulometry which recalls the sand; small dark spots that recall the vegetation; and brilliant veins that make it, at the same time, a translucent and luminous material.


The Boreal is a compact and hard marble. It is a material suitable for any type of application, both for interior design and for external architecture. Thanks to its hardness, it supports all types of processing, such as polishing, flaming, brushing, suitable for the construction of floors, cladding, kitchen tops and bathroom tops.
Its chromatic tones give the rooms where it is laid a sense of welcome and warmth, as well as becoming a real African painting if laid openly.

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