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Name: White Allure
Material: Granite
Colour: White
Origin: Brasil
Application: Flooring, wall coverings, kitchen and bathroom tops
Availability: Blocks, Slabs

Granite White Allure is a South American material. It is extracted in Brazil. Due to its color and its brilliance is used around the world as an answer to different design styles and to light up the rooms or places where it is laid down.


It is a light granite, made up of large white inserts with very fine but glossy grey hues. This elegant characteristic makes it a very refined and applicable wherever you need to improve the brightness of the room.


It is ideal for floor and wall covering, but also for kitchen and bath tops. The texture of a White Allure slab is very light, and therefore easily adaptable to modern or traditional furnishings.
It is suitable for wall or floor application, to create strong contrasts with the furniture or to give resonance to a Scandinavian style.
With a careful study of the lights, thanks to the brilliance of the White Allure granite, you can get very sophisticated and bright rooms, in an energy saving effort for the well-being of the planet.

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