Juparana Paraiba

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Name: Juparana Paraiba
Material: Granite
Colour: Yellow
Origin: Brasil
Application: Flooring, wall coverings, kitchen and bathroom tops
Availability: Blocks, Slabs

Granite Juparana Paraiba comes from South America. It is extracted in Brazil in large blocks for the production of slabs and marble and then exported to the world for its colors.


Juparana Paraiba is a multicolored granite, as its shades vary from yellow to orange to light brown. Smooth veins of different colours run on the slabs of this material that give motion and tell the story of the stone.


The imaginative sheet that this stone gives us allows it to be applied in internal or external settings, in shiny or rough finishes, for kitchen and bath tops, up to steps and garden tables.
The warm shade of granite Juparana Paraiba perfectly explodes the country of origin and allows to breathe the Latin atmospheres even at home thanks to its application as a floor, or in a hotel, on the walls, the stairs or the counter of the hall.
It is a material that, when combined with water installations such as fountains and swimming pools, and integrated with light sources specially-made , ensures successful aesthetic results and a sublime, hospitable and welcoming environment.


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