Imperial Green or Verde Rey

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Name: Imperial Green or Verde Rey
Material: Granite
Colour: Green
Origin: Brasil
Application: Flooring, wall coverings, kitchen tops and bathrooms
Availability: Blocks, Slabs

The Imperial Green granite is most commonly known as Verde Rey. It is extracted in South America, precisely in Brazil. Its character changes according to how it is obtained, portraying all the shades of green.


The Imperial Green granite appears to be veined or bubbled based on how it is extracted. The predominant colour is green, as its name suggests, ranging from dark to the lightest tones. It is loved precisely for these obvious nuances, which give a sense of motion to the projects on which it is applied.
The exotic soul of this material is found in the waves of colour that nature fashioned on the stone, and the ones who live in the rooms where it is placed breathe peace and tranquillity.


The Imperial Green is suitable for any work surface, in the kitchen, the garden, a reception desk or bar counter. It is resistant to shocks and does not absorb liquid or grease.
It creates relaxing atmospheres if it is laid on the floor or on vertical walls.
It gives a tropical character to the rooms, enriching the green environments and the corners devoted to rocky gardens and plants.



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