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Our semi-precious products are natural quartz. They are extracted in their raw natural state. This is a natural stone characterized by the compresence of quartz and semi-precious stones. Each material is exclusive, and each slab has its own history due to the type of terrain and the minerals which compose it.

Our semi-precious are unique, due to the fact that they are not assembled in a lab and the gemstones and are not encrusted by men

It is a very compact material, which means it does not absorb the liquids it may come into contact, nor the surrounding smells. It represents the best choice for interiors, as its optical properties and its typical features lead to the creation of highly sough after environments and atmospheres.

The range of our semi-precious presents transparent, bright materials with unique and very rare colours.


All our natural quartzes are exclusive and unique, extracted from quarries of our property. For this reason, we can guarantee large blocks to obtain slabs of high aesthetic value.

Our semi-precious materials can be perfectly used in interior design thanks to their physical characteristics. Their compact and resistant nature confer them with a high resistance to the growth of bacteria, over time there are no changes in their beauty. To learn about all the qualities of our natural quartzes, read the in-depth information here.

Thanks to this collaboration with Galvani Trading:

  • You will get customized blocks according to your needs or architects' needs. This way, we are able to supply blocks of the requested dimensions directly from the pit;
  • You can order small and large quantities, we are able to supply you the desired quantity;
  • You have access to our expert consultancy on the type of quartzes you are looking for because we know the characteristics and the works that can be performed on each of them;
  • You get post-sales assistance.

Each technical sheet is designed to help you choose and understand which material will best suit your needs; our team will always be at your disposal to provide further details and ensure a secure purchase for your projects or your customers' projects.

Among the offered quartzites blocks are the most beautiful of Brazilian and African origin.

The photos you will find here on the site are just for reference, as each quartzites block has its own characteristics to ensure unique and original finishes.

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